Finding A Doctor

Upon diagnosis, the first thing you'll probably think is "how do we get the best doctor." Based on my experience, finding the best doctor starts with understanding the stage of your disease and your treatment options. Based on my own research, I have provided some information to guide you in your search for the best treatment, starting with current available medical options and then a list of medical centers and physicians/surgeons with extensive experience in treating pancreatic cancer.

Finding a Doctor

On the day Graham was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I looked the disease up on the Internet. That was a mistake. The sites were horribly pessimistic and I wasn't willing to just give up. I knew that finding the right doctor might not cure Graham but might give him more time. This was so very important to me. Every minute I had him with me was a gift.

I didn't know where to start to find a doctor; it was all so overwhelming. Too little information was as bad as too much. In the end, I went online to study research papers on pancreatic cancer. The doctors listed on them made it on to my list. I called all of them and we ultimately settled on a physician at New York Columbia Presbyterian, partially because I felt Graham was just too ill to travel any distance.

Since his death, I have learned much new information. I might have done things differently had I known, but I also understand that in all likelihood, the outcome may have been the same. Differences in the care and compassion he received might have changed things. Or not. I can't be sure, but I can share the lessons I learned in my journey.

Understanding your treatment options plays a major role in assembling your medical team.